Interactive design happens in space AND time, but too many designers just think about space

Screens are not static display devices. Unlike printed pages, they can change, act, react, and transform themselves within the limitations of their two dimensional spaces. The web originated as a way to present textual articles, but has evolved far past that now.

Temporal design means thinking of not only visual (static) and interactive (dynamic) but change, progression, control and context to designs – something lacking in most 'interactive' design we see today.

We can help guide you toward more temporal designs at any stage of your product development cycle, either by helping you with strategy using Temporal Design Thinking or during design by helping you develop Temporal Prototyping.

For more details on Temporal Design, see Jason's article “The importance of time in design” on CreativeBloq.

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What we can help you with:

  • Defining the context and narrative for your product's story
  • Evealute your product for using  tranistions to help the story unfold
  • Finding ways to give your audience greater agency in the product through social media

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